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About us

Unimicron is established in 2020 with over 30 years of experience. We are specialized in the bentonite sector, supply and export of bentonite powder.

Unimicron has always carried out its
activities with the principles of Customer Satisfaction and assurance of quality products & services.

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Our solutions

Unye Bentonite is generally well known for its whiteness, high absorption capabilities, and rich Montmorillonite content.

The major primary sectors that we supply our products are; Cat Litter, Ceramic, Medical, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Formulations, Food Additives, Quality Paper, Detergent, Paints, Agriculture, and Fertilizer industry.

Unimicron is able to provide a broad range of solutions to its customer ranging from crude to final bentonite products.

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Raw Material and Deposits

Our mines are located in Unye region with its indicated reserve of 15 Million Mt. and probable reserve of over 45 million Mt. Mines are in a close distance to the manufacturing facilities.


Our bentonite formation consists of thickness up to 25 - 30mt. These allow us to fulfill long term quantity-wise requirements of our customers.

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Güzelyalı Mah. Yalı Sok No:33/1
52300 Ünye/Ordu, Turkey

(0452) 324 22 29

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